Bodega Ontañón is a multi-generational, family-owned winery located in Rioja baja.
Our 250 hectares (ca.620 acres) of vineyard land sit high in the Sierra Yerga Mountains outside of the township of Quel, which has been one of Rioja’s outstanding winemaking centers for three centuries. We take great pride in maintaining these vineyards in the most sustainable manner possible, as it is our land that supports our family tradition in wine. “Passion for the vine, passion for wine and passion for art” is our motto, as we believe that each of these elements contributes to the human experience and illustrates the vital connection of the land to people and culture.



La Pasada


La Pasada is our highest elevation vineyard, sitting just over 2,600 feet above sea level in Quel. Consisting of Tempranillo planted in 1979, the vines face North-east and have an Eastern exposure. La Pasada is one of the vineyards where we source our grapes for our Reserva and Gran Reserva level wines. 


La Montesa


La Montesa vineyard is located in Alfaro and was planted with Graciano in 1997, followed by Tempranillo in 2000. The vineyard is composed of loamy soil with calcareous deposits and the vine orientation is North-South with Eastern exposure. La Montesa is our second highest vineyard, located at an altitude of approximately 2,400 feet.  Given its ideal elevation and exposure, we source fruit for our Reserva level wines from La Montesa.


Siete Caminos


Siete Caminos is located in the township of Alfaro. It was first planted with Tempranillo in 2000, shortly followed by Garnacha, Graciano , and Viura. The soil is composed of loam and iron-rich clay with a South-East exposure and orientation. 

El ArcaEl ArcaEL ARCA 

El ArcaEl Arca


Located in Quel, El Arca consists of our oldest plantings of Garnacha, planted in 1910. Over the course of their centenarian lifetime, these vines have developed into beautifully strong characters with fruit that is as concentrated and rich as their history. 




The Rihuelo vineyard is located in Alfaro, sitting at just over 1,000 feet above sea level. Tempranillo and Garnacha were both planted in this vineyard in 1985, and Graciano was added in 1990. The vineyard is comprised of a loam-clay soil mixture, with a South-East exposure and orientation.